UE4 - Plane mesh invisible from opposite side, even with "two sided" enable, why?

Hi, i need to use the plane mesh, from both sides, i canot duplicate and rotate, to have 2 faces, it has to work with one plane and 1 material, i actually found this has been an isue for other people:…-opposite-side

But i applied a translucent material, checked “two sided” and still, plane´s opposite side is not visible, nor showing the material at both sides… i tried to use it through a BP, to try to make it work using BP propperties, it doesn´t work, tried to edit the plane, extruding it in Maya, re-import it, still not working, also tried to use a cube, but material appears in all faces, so it also doesn´t work, what can i do, so my material is visible from both sides in a plane mesh?