UE4 placement of objects similar to 3DS max

I’m doing my scaling and blockout for a scene in 3ds Max and I want to get the exact same placement of my blockout-objects in ue4 when I export them by zeroing out translations. Im using a drawn map in max to get proper setup so I don’t want to use BSP brushes for the blockout phase. Im getting issues in ue4 when trying to place them in the exact same world space location. Any solutions to this?

I’m sorry, I think I discovered my mistake. First of all I was using TS tools and had the 0 position set. Second of all I hadn’t placed my objects properly in Z based on world grid.

Use a grid in max to get a proper positioning and proportions set up then it should all snap together, it’s all about preparation and keeping in mind that it needs to snap together on a grid system that will make it easier in time.