{UE4} Phone & Selfie & Graffiti Systems (Like WatchDogs 2)

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A lot of the AAA Games out there such as Watchdogs 2 and GTA use the Smart Phone Feature in their game to make it look more modern and adds a unique style to the game.

And with the Selfie Feature, you can make the players have the sense of Freedom to create these Unique Game play Moment and Share them with his friends.

As a developer you can NOW add this Amazing Feature to your Game and take it to a the next level , and it’s all BP, In this pack you’ll get all the the FULL Project shown in the video Demo for your game.Here are the Features of these Systems in this Pack:

Is this working in 4.24? In the gumroad link you haven’t add the working versions. Why is this not in Unreal Marketplace?

So have you bought it in the end? Does it work nicely?