UE4 performance on Windows 7 vs 8

Hi. I have a question: which OS will give the best performances with Unreal Engine 4 ? Windows 7 or 8 ? Which OS is better to install?

I’ve tested on both, and runs perfectly find on both :slight_smile:

But in terms of framerate, on the same machine, in the same scene, which gives higher framerates?

While I’ve got no idea about the performance difference specific to UE4, in general Windows 8 gives better overall performance than Windows 7. I had an old machine which was quite unresponsive with Windows 7 but was positively snappy when I installed Windows 8 on it.

Windows 8 may give a tiny bit of better performance (based on general os performance). Not enough to warrant an upgrade, but if you are getting a new OS, win8 is the way to go.