UE4 + Perforce Setup & User Guide

Hi all,

I’ve been running teams big and small for about 10 years now and have used every version control under the sun. The latest (and best, imo) software I’ve been using with UE4 is Perforce. I started using it about 5 years ago, long before their free 20-seat version came out, but with Indigenous I noticed that all of my new recruits hadn’t even heard of the software.

So I made a word document tutorial because I was tired of having the same hour-long conversation over and over.
THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT INTENDED TO TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO SET UP P4SERVER. I LEARNED BY PUSHING BUTTONS UNTIL IT WORKED. This document is only used after you’ve set up your server and you want a workflow to give to new recruits.**

I noticed in another thread someone was talking about learning source control, and I figured it probably doesn’t hurt to share the document. Maybe someone benefits from it.

Disclaimer - I use this tutorial for all recruits, engineer and artist alike, and they all seem to manage to follow it and get Perforce set up properly. When they first join the team I create their username and password and paste it into the document before sending it to them. It has been fool-proof so far (and it’s been tested by some fools).

Disclaimer #2 - Step 14 is very outdated, but the process is very similar (the UI has just changed). You should update this if it matters to you.

Here’s the PDF.

Thanks for this zooch

Thanks man!

Just FYI, step 11 says to repeat step 12, it should be step 10.

EDIT: And step 1 of the second part says step 13, should be step 10 too.