UE4 - PawnSensing, still detects hidden dead actors, why?

Hi, my AI actors use PawnSensing, to detect other enemy actors, but when they destroy the enemy, AI keep targeting the floor, where they killed those enemies, i guess because even if enemy is now hidden, PawnSensing still detects them, i already tried, moving hidden dead actors after been killed, but PawnSensing is still detecting the last location they had… or worst, start shooting to the new location… how to turn off detection of enemies when they become dead (hidden)? btw i can´t use “destroy” node, because this enemies should not be destroyed for “saving” reassons.

Please help

If you move them out of range or set them hidden in game, then PawnSensing shouldn’t detect them anymore. If the AI is still detecting / targeting them, then you: didn’t move them out of sight or you didn’t clear their goals or you didn’t hidden them right.

When your enemy dies, add **Detach from Controller Pending Destroy **node to it, this also helps with it continue to walk in certain setups.