UE4 Overlapping faces issue but there are no overlaping faces

Hey guys,
i have a huge problem within UE4, after exporting a very simple object with 39 polys from 3ds Max 2014, UE4 gives me after importing the object and clicking build for the lights an error. I can also see it on the object, it look
like a issue on the mesh, basically like overlapping faces but there are no overlapping faces in max, it is a simple object. UE4 gives me also the issue message “overlapping faces” what is the issue? i need really help cause this issue drives me really crazy…

You need a second UV channel that is unwrapped uniquely. Otherwise it uses channel 0 which most of the time has overlapping UVs and thats causing this message. This can be set in the static mesh viewer and is called lightmap coordinate index.

thanx for the answer!