UE4 order of blueprint construction

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to change the order of construction/execution of blueprints? I ask because currently my camera blueprint is being constructed first, followed by the gamemode blueprint and then the level blueprint. This causes me to put player spawning and other logic into the camera blueprint when it would make more sense to put this stuff within the gamemode blueprint. Any help or insight into this topic would be appreciated. Thank you!

I’m in the same bucket.

I’ve got some blueprints for spawning fences, walls and telephone poles and they work as intended. However, the construction script for the bp’s does a world projection to place the pieces, keeping the poles on the ground lining up wall segments and so on. Unfortunately, I’ve got no control over the order in which world-composition levels are loaded, so it can happen that the blueprint loads in in one quadrant before the terrain in the next quadrant has spawned – so the part of the fence or phone line that extends over the border fails to project and zooms off to origin.

I can see a couple of ways to fix it:

  1. Force the blueprints to run on BeginPlay. That would guarantee things are around but would add a startup hitch. I’d also have to guarantee that the placement algo is deterministic – which I think it is but I’d really have to make it a solemn promise

  2. Figure out a way to defer the construction scripts until the all terrains are loaded. I’m not sure what that will do to world-comp streaming though, there will always be cases when a distant quad is gone but a nearer one, containing a fence that crosses boundaries, will be around

  3. figure out a way for the blueprint to persist data so that there’s no need to run the construction script at all: effectively spawing static data structures in the editor. That would be safe, deterministic, and have no startup cost. Unfortunately I don’t see how a blueprint can spawn things outside itself.