UE4 or UE5?

Hey guys!
I’ve got some ideas for a new project that I’ve been thinking about, and since the Early Access of the new UE5 came out, I was thinking if it was a good idea to start using it and leave UE4 behind.
I know UE5 has a lot of new improvents and it’s better optimized, but since I’ve been working with UE4 this whole time, I feel quite comfortable with it.

What are you working with? Is it better with this new version? Any feedback? Let me know!

Thank you and have a great week!

Unless there’s a specific feature that you need in UE5 then use UE4. UE5 is still in early access and has more bugs and the main new graphical features require a more powerful computer.


Well, the new engine is only really relevant to those who are actually constructing something, as they shall be interested in the engine that allows them to do that.

UE5 being beta, is only of interest to gauge its potential - no studios will release a game using a beta engine, it could open them up to any number of issues in the future.

Not worth it.

As for ‘better’…throw a rock on that question in a game studio and you’ll get any number of answers to that subjective question.

Personally - I like it, and will join the current consensus that, it is the engine we all wished UE4 could have been in 2013.

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if you want to finish and publish a game, don’t work with a beta engine. The game engine is the most important tool you will use to do your work - you need one that is finished and stable, otherwise at least half your energy will go into fixing bugs that are not your own doing, which will eventually drive you completely insane.

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UE5, however do not start your “real” project yet. Keep learning doing some fun small projects, when UE5 gets to stable release you may start.