UE4 or Blender? for mobile structures

i’ve got a rough idea for a video game that i’ve had for a few years. i want to be able to make space ships that you can walk around inside of, but also land and get out of. (similar to what Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous are aiming for - i’ve had this idea since before i even heard about these games, so i’m not copying their idea or anything. they must have read my mind and stole my idea :stuck_out_tongue: lol jk). but i’m having a little trouble distinguishing which software would be better for this. i want to be able to create multiple spacecraft assets, and be able to place them wherever. i also want them to have insides and outsides so you can flawlessly walk from outside to the inside (or vice versa) as if it were a building… i had considerable trouble doing this in Unity free, and had much more success with Blender. i’ve also noticed that UE4 is VERY different from Unity. it seems to have much more power for building maps. so, would UE4 be able to support this? or would i still be better off creating these ships in Blender and simply importing them as models?

Blender isn’t really a good game engine option, but you can still use it to for 3D modeling assets to import into UE4.

yeah, that’s what i meant. i’ve never tried to use it as an engine, just as a cheap (free) modeling software since i don’t have the money to buy any autodesk (or other 3d modeling) programs… i guess i might be getting a bit ahead of myself here with this question since i’m still learning UE4 from the tutorials.

Go with unreal for building your game’s logic
go with blender to make your meshes
blender is a great program, I have 3d max here but i don’t use it and until this very day I haven’t seen one thing you can do with 3d max but you can’t do it with blender
trust me, it’s not always about the money