UE4 OpenCV Augmented Reality Plugin

Unrel Engine 4 + OpenCV 3.0.
Augmented Reality Plugin.


  • Simulators.
  • Machine vision algorithms testing on the virtual reality objects


Plugin allows you to connect OpenCV 3.0 library to UE4.
You can combine real controls and devices with virtual reality.
The connection is done quickly and easily to any of your projects.

Oculus Rift 2.0, two cameras with adjustable position

Two cameras are used and adjusted to create the realistic stereo effect.

Virtual reality

Real environment

All that is filled with a certain color (here is red) displays a virtual environment. It can be just a piece of cloth or a monochrome object.

Augmented Reality

Night vision goggles simulation

Virtual reality doesn’t allow to feel virtual objects. And with a help of augmented reality we can combine tactile switches and buttons with virtual reality.

it look a nice project. Can you maybe reupload your plugin? I looking for something like this of long time.

Could you please reupload your plugin? I am also looking for something like this.
Thank you in advance