UE4 on RaspberryPi 3 - cannot open SDL Window

Hey there,

i’ve a little project in mind and i would like to see if the raspi can handle UE4, as far as i know to work with UE4, I thought this would be the fastest way (for me) to get foreward.
(I already done it with pigame, but it isn’t looking very good ^^)

I get the unreal source, set my system variable in Win10 x64 Pro to ARM, and build the UE4 engine 4.21 with MS-VS from scratch with the toolchain v12_clang-6.0.1-centos7.
I created a new project, therefore i used the 2D Side Scroller example, changed the Engine.ini to target ArmUnknownLinuxGnueabihf and packed it.
On the raspi i activated the “OpenGL” Driver via raspi-config (tried the fake and the “real” one), set the .sh file to be allowed to be executed an run it with “-opengl”.
The used raspbian is Linux stretch 4.14 from 2018-11-13 kernel 4.14.
They changed the Broadcom video-driver names in stretch with a brcm between the libs-names, so i fixed it with a redirection from the old names.

I’ve tried now more than 50h to get this thing alive to show up something and let me see if UE4 is way to done my project on the raspi.
All i get is an error window with this message:

“cannot create SDL window - cannot create OpenGL-enabled SDL window. SDL error ’ '.”

There are very few topics that discussed raspi and ue4.
But even on the official ue-wiki page for the toolchain the raspi is mentioned as a target system.

So, it isn’t working right out the box, but can it be that annoying?

So my question is, is there a way to get it alive on a raspi, and do anyone know where my fault is or had done a project targeting the raspi?
I really appreciate some help.

Thank you very much and have a nice day (: