ue4 on a nvidia gtx 950

how good would ue4 perform on a pc with nvidia gtx 950 8gb ram windows 7 pro and a intel core i3
if I want to make AAA fps games

I will run it fine, as I was running it all right on a 550gts for a while on medium pretty well. (Though I would suggest taking a look at AMD cards for the cheaper price if you are planning on buying that or thinking of getting a new one if that is the card you have right now. I got a 380 for about 240 a few months back. great card.)
The i3 and will be your biggest problems in regard to speed. Might want to look into upgrading it if you are getting serious. (Also jumping the ram up to 16gb would be a good investment.)

Also, don’t be expecting a AAA fps right away! Start small and learn the engine.

Though this is all just my 2cents! :smiley:

P.S. What are your current specs? Or is that your current specs right now? (What is the specs on the i3? Cores, GHZ?)

gtx 950? its more than enough , last time I saw Epic’s recommendation it was GTX 770 . I personally used it for a long time on a laptop with gt 630m , needed to lower settings and all sorts of stuff , but it was useable even . So I see no reason for this to be anything but butter smooth on 950.

my pc right now is poop it has a core 2 duo 4gb ram and a intel q43 gpu it can barely run udk at 6fps :frowning: but I’m saveing up to build one I can make one with a intel i5 a nvidia gtx 960 and 8gb ram for £570

Yeah… That is excrement for computers.

Pretty much get the most you can for your price range. I would suggest looking at some amd models for a cheaper solution.
I would possibly give the 370 4gb model a chance. Pretty much the same price or a little cheaper from what I was seeing. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Dcomputers&field-keywords=amd+370&rh=n%3A340831031%2Ck%3Aamd+370

But in the end it is what deal you find or what cards you prefer. (Like if you want to get into linux… GO AMD.)

I would also look into getting 16gb if you can fit that in your budget. Would really help performance and the amount you can do! :smiley: (Though it is totally runnable without! Just a suggestion!)

Hope some of these suggestions help.

I thought PhysX on AMD becomes faecal matter

Isn’t PysX tied to the CPU and not the GPU? So there would be no difference between AMD or Nvidia?

There are two modes for Nvidia’s PhysX :

  1. GPU accelerated Physics
  2. CPU only physics

Nedless to say Nvidia being Nvidia made it such that GPU acceleration only happens on Nvidia Graphic cards . For AMD graphic card users PhysX would run entirely on CPU which causes more bottle-necking .

There are also rumors that Nvidia purposefully botched the CPU only implementation of PhysX to make sure it runs poorly on CPU so that people are encouraged to buy Nvidia cards to get GPU accelerated physics

So us AMD folks are stuck with CPU only! Curse you Nvidia!

Wouldn’t put it past them for botching the code for the CPU… Ruin all others to get all the monies!
But hey! At least AMD’s are cheaper. That is pretty much all we have going anymore! (And good Linux support. For the fact it at least Boots up! :smiley: )

Well you also have option to replace PhysX in UE4 with other Physics engines like Bullet which I think supports GPU acceleration regardless of vendor, via open CL and other things. The hooks and abstraction are right there in the engine, but that’s a massive undertaking , something that’d need a seasoned team probably.

Quite the undertaking! Something I could only dream of doing.
I have neither the experience nor the team to do that! And almost everyone here probably doesn’t have that either. (At least not the team.)

A pipe dream for now… But one day maybe it will happen! (Anyone looking at this that can do that… DO IT! DO IT NOW! :smiley: )

well what has amd done for gaming besides making cheap gpu’s have they made amazing software like phys x hairworks and waveworks nvidia’s software is made to run on there gpu’s you can’t blame them there gpu’s have cuda and stuff and the software is made to use cuda

>GTX 1050 coming in a week.
>Worth it? Yes.

Sure, they haven’t made any of that.
But I am ragging on Nvidia for less than upstanding buisness practice.

Also, Nvidia really never made PhysX.
It was first NovodeX it was bought by Aegia. Nvidia bought Aegia out.

If you wish to know more about it. Here you go: Reddit - Dive into anything
They really ruined it for everyone. (Also stopping any port of PhysX to AMD or competitors.)

Though let’s not turn this into a hate thread! :slight_smile:
Just putting the info out there.

Though I would suggest a 950 or 970 if you must have PhysX.

I would run out for a 950 still.
Might have a price reduction! :smiley:

99.9% sure this is correct as far as standard UE4 goes.

what about a gtx 960