UE4 on 2015 MacBook Pro 15

Hey guys, I’m planning to buy a MacBook Pro so I can carry a bit of my work with me while travelling. I wanted to know if anyone tried running UE4 on the entry level 2015 MacBook Pro (with Intel Iris Pro graphics) and what the performance was like. I don’t expect to do any high-end graphics on the MacBook, just as long as it’s able to run UE4 well enough for Blueprint scripting and basic shaders. I have a beast workstation for my usual UE4 and animation work and don’t think the Macbook with dedicated graphics is a necessary investment.

My late-2013 15" MacBook Pro with 2G i7, 8G ram, and iris pro works ‘ok’, not stellar. I can actually work on it if I need to do some fast iOS code changes, iterating between tweaking code, compiling, and testing on an iPad, though I still prefer the windows desktop. I will say the performance on the MacBook is far better now than it was a year or so ago when I could barely even open the editor.

Thanks for that! Yeah I just need UE4 to run well enough to do really basic stuff. And of course I too prefer working on my PC Workstation. I’m just going to be on the road for the next few months so i need something that works

DO NOT GET THE MACBOOK PRO WITH INTEL FOR UE4**. I repeat, DO NOT. I suffered greatly with it.

I was able to run UE4 on a mid 2013 mba 11"… not the fastest thing… and you should stick to your main computer, but for traveling “some time”, guess it is “OK”… thought I will prefer something at less with a integrated nvidia card…

Well, it’d be more helpful if you did elaborate the details of this suffering. Like I said, I don’t expect it to run something like the infiltrator demo or anything.

I can work with that. Well, I did try hunting down the previous generation MBP with the Nvidia GPU, but kinda hard to come by.

another problem with 11" is the screen size :P… but if you like mobility, then it could be good… also if you could wait until the next year xD when the next “release” (or more like a little update will be released)

Haha yeah 11" is a bit too small. I’m looking at the 15" laptops though :slight_smile:

If you can put up with your framerate being kind of ***, then it’s okay. I mean it works just fine, but don’t going expecting any kind of stellar performance, at least until Epic finalise Metal support.