[UE4] old train factory

Hello everyone,

This is my latest level.

The use of unreal 4 produced: the old train factory

unreal4 of the indirect light to make me benefit a lot: I use a dynamic main light source, and added a number of light, as a supplement

Preparatory work calls for a certain period of time: the layout of the module and the overall layout of the scene, the modular work of some of the challenges.

Through the modular construction, separate modification module is very convenient.

In the construction of the scene, the regional planning is also quite interesting part, I finally defined the maintenance of the main hall, the control room, the main area of the corridor.
mainly in order to show the effect of Art

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Looks very nice. Do you have a picture with all the assets included?

And the polycount would be nice to know. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yes, looks good. I also would like to see an overview of the meshes included and the materials.

yeah ,I update.
thanks you!

So much like the one in Crysis 3. Good work. :slight_smile:

Yes, reminds me of that Crysis level too.

Good job, looks cool.


Yeah, immediately thought of Crysis 3. Looks great!

Thank you all

I uploaded a man in the scene, you can refer to the size of

Thanks again!

yeah! ‘Crysis mood’ for sure :wink: Well done, gg :wink:

This looks like this could be in a horror game. Good job.

yeah, good jobs!
May I use your picture?
thx :slight_smile:

amazing! well done!

Looks very nice!

I fixed the stairs,

Now the width is 1M

See screenshot