UE4 offline install for schools

In order to prepare a Windows 7 image for deployment, I am using VMware Workstation 10 to setup and install all software required by student and faculty at our school. So far UE4 is only software which I cannot run from a virtual host client given its limitation with DirectX. It should be noted that Unity installs (and runs!) without issue. Is there any way to install latest UE4 engine, even if I cannot open frontend from a VMWare client? Alternatively is there any way to prepare a network deployment that does not involve downloading many GB of data from web on each host? i.e. offline package with frontend AND engine.


Schools need a special setup to install engine on multiple machines. You can read more about it in FAQ:


Once you are ready to deploy at your school, you can follow these simple instructions:

Please let us know if you have any other questions about using engine!