UE4 Not Responding

Whenever I run a chunk of code, UE4 starts not responding and I have to force quit. IS there any way to fix this or find out what the last piece of code called was? I use a Mac. The code is a blueprint class that uses C++ functions.

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Same problem

Did you find a way to fix this?

Nope. I’m taking a break from UE4 because I am not smart enough for this. ALthough I did narrow it down to one function, but it is a very large function that uses lots of other functions. I suggest debugging using UE_LOG and delay statements.

Yes, it turned out to be that I was trying to access an array index that didn’t exist.

With C++ functions, it doesn’t output an error if something like that happens, unlike in Blueprints. I found that to be very annoying as well, but my advice would be to learn some basic c++ if you haven’t already in a separate application and always save before running your code

Oh, I solved it a few days before I posted that comment.