UE4 Not Moving Files to the Renamed Folder

Hey guys!

I have a massive 55gb project and I’m in the need of renaming several folders. The content folder has a numerous amount of folders (due to several marketplace packs that we’ve used for reference) and we’re wanting to clean up things. However, when trying to Rename a folder, the Engine freezes, unfreezes almost automatically and the new folder is shown but with no files. The old folder’s name cannot be accessed. Clicking on Content > Fix redirectors does not trigger anything either. If however, I restart the Engine, the folder goes back to the original name with the files inside… so no renaming for now?

How could I solve this? Maybe taking several folders into a new project (and thus potentially breaking reference links) and then rename them?

I have experienced similar issues when trying to move and rename large amounts of content. The only solution I found without breaking references is to work with smaller amount of content at a time. Instead of trying to rename a folder with 20GB of content, I would just create a new empty folder and move a quarter of the content into the new folder at a time, then fix up redirectors, and move/rename more.

Hey Steve,
Unfortunately, the problem lies somewhere else. It happens with every folder and every file that I try to rename.

Based on further testing, it seems like it might be my Engine.

I’ll reinstall.

Reinstalled and reset caches and so far no luck on any of them.

We have the files locked by source control (Perforce). I used to get the prompt of “make files writeable” but that does no longer appear. I assume that the Engine is not correctly reassigning this information?

The Solution to this was somewhat simpler than I expected.

There was a setting in my Windows 10 account that prevented me from overwriting read-only files. By clicking the Content Folder, remove the Read-Only tag, and applying, this problem was solved.