UE4 not loading String Table

Hello guys.

I have a String Table with some data in it. The way I use it is to cycle through every registered String Table, and if Table’s Namespace equals the comparison value, it returns the Table’s ID.

The thing is, on Standalone or Packaged games, I cannot acces the data of any String Table, because “Get Registered String Tables” returns a null Array, always.

So the question, how do I Load a String Table, either to the Registered String Tables, or to a variable for me to handle?

Thanks in advance!

Some weeks ago i got a similar problem, the string tables do not enter on the package version.
I solved forcing in the package options to package the folder where i got my string tables inside.

Interesting, I should try it, but I changed to Data Tables as it has the same utility for what I’m doing. After I’ll check if that solves it :3

Did that solve your problem?

I’m trying to solve this, too.

Data tables and string tables don’t get cooked so don’t forget to force your data tables and string tables to be cooked from the project settings>asset manager.

hi there. The trick is to create reference anywhere to string trable via Text variable. Just fill variable with string table entry and all loads fine.
My pain was that string table not registered even in editor, thus it returned none anywhere