UE4 new Sequencer about multi scene(or level) switch?

The Sequencer is so power for me to create my own film!

But I have a big question about the cool sequencer, I can find useful information about my question.

In the Demo all the Level Sequence and master Sequence just in same scene(or map),when we preview the shot we created,we just in the same level(map), UE4 may need’t load other scene in the process.
I wonder when I need make a lot of shots in different map(or level),When preview the shots in the sequencer,UE4 must switch scene?

For example:

  1. Create three level sequence named Shot_sceneBattle_001 Shot_sceneBattle_002 Shot_sceneBattle_003 in my battle level
  2. Create two level sequences named Shot_sceneDesert_001 and Shot_sceneDesert_002 in my desert scene level.

My Master Sequence May be like this:

Shot_sceneDesert_001 Shot_sceneBattle_003 Shot_sceneDesert_002 Shot_sceneDesert_002 Shot_sceneBattle_001

When I move current frame in level sequences created from different level scene ,How will UE4 do for us? Just auto load new level scene to the Editor? If UE4 auto load scene How about the performance?

I just want switch in multi scene to create my Film?:slight_smile:

I need some help ,Thanks very much.

I mean the Multi scene (or level) in Sequencer

You might want to try the level visibility track to control the visibility of the levels: