UE4 New facial capture with iphoneX, connecting phone to UE4…one/index.html

Hi, I’m excited to try this. I downloaded the FaceARSample project, however in the Live Link window, I’m not seeing my phone. I have entered the ip address of my computer. I’ve temporarily disabled any firewalls that might be blocking. Anyone have any ideas?…nkSubject.webp

Per docs, this only works in pure blueprint projects, unless you have a mac to compile custom stuff with.

Other then that,
Possibly, the iPhone has to be set to developer mode.

the IOS version of the phone has to also be compatible.

Also, probably just to piss off us developers, an install of ITunes is required to connect to the phone… apparently other software is completely able to use custom drivers but ue4 is not…

All the docs suggest it uses the network, not a direct wired connection between the PC and the iphone.

I havent tried this stuff yet but I will give it a go this weekend and will report back on this thread as to whether it worked.

Something to check out if you’re interested in the Live Link Face: Check out Matt’s other videos.

Well I can now confirm that it worked for me, no issues. So I dont really know what to suggest, did you enter the local IP address for your computer into the app rather than the ip of your internet connection? (IP address should start with 10. or 192.)

Thanks for the link, I’ll check that out.

Trying to connect via local ip yes. My computer only has Ethernet adapter and the phone is connecting wireless on the same network, it sounds like that should work. I’m using a work phone with MobileIron installed. Anyone think that could be blocking the connection?

Not phone related. I was able to connect to a personal laptop. Maybe I have something else blocking on my work computer.

I believe in the demo video interference from windows firewall was mentioned? Or was it an antivirus?

Yes it was a firewall issue.

Turns out the csv file that you can export off the phone, was the information I was looking for.

I’m having the same issue, and am just wondering if I’m missing a step somewhere? I can transfer the data by saving the csv file and loading it into maya, then transferring it via livelink, but can’t get it to go direct to unreal engine. In the app I’m setting a target to the local ip of my machine running unreal engine (begins with 192) and using the default port. In unreal engine I enabled the OSC and live link plugins. But the ipad doesn’t show up under source in the live link window, only my maya session which is running on the same machine. I’ve tried disabling anti-virus and firewall.

Maybe do you need to create an OSC server or something in blueprint to pass on the data to live link?


I did a big runthough of all the functionality and how to get it working, any issues that came up for me in the process- mainly with TCP and OSC. Hope it helps!](

wow awesome Iconstable!

I’m looking at the exported csv file and all my eyePitch, eyeYaw and eyeRolls are all 0 values. Does everyone else have this? Since the eye tracking works going from phone to Unreal there should be something in those columns right?