UE4 - My ThirdPerson Shooter Patch 29.5.2016 (WIP)

What do you guys think of my progress so far? Still long way to go but some progress :slight_smile:
PATCH 29.5.2016

  1. Make Map loading Hud For each map.

  2. Improve the crouching blending / Pistol Holster animation.

  3. Auto focusing Depth of Field when zooming (amount controllable.)

  4. Added shooting animations for the characters. (idle & Walking)/ also Idle animations for rifle.

  5. Added weapon animations for all of the weapons. ( Animations for the guns can be found in ScifiWeapLight Folder )

  6. Fixed that you can’t sprint while crouching. ( so you can’t sprint while crouching.)

  7. Added shaking camera for sprint with some not too distracting fx effects.

  8. Added New Tracer effects

  9. Fixed the errors while playing the game.

  10. Added windowed & Fullscreen option in the Video settings.

  11. Character Color customizing ( not showed in the video )

  12. New character Added. Designed by me & Modeled by Ivailo ivanov.

I’am soon starting to make tutorial video series on Unreal 4 Engine and How to Model Game assets so be sure to Subscribe for that if your interested!

You can also suggest things to add / change in the game, I’am open minded for everything! :slight_smile:

Character Designed by me and modeled by ivalo Ivanov !