Ue4/multiplayer vehicle combat game

Im working on a new game the name is not final but for now im calling it (hit and run)
1-perk for each vehicle that serve a purpose
2- faction for each set of vehicles that gives certain type of bonus(also each factin has its own apperance for all its vehicles)
3-adding components that powers up the vehicles capabilities
4-multiple weapon types to switch from
5-muliple game modes to choose from(coop-duel(1v1)chaos(8v8 maybe))

lore:the lore is still been worked on so its a subject to change

what i need:
1-3d modelers(for cars)
2-environment artists(you must have at least a half year experince)
3-architectures(for creating bases with turrets)
4-animators for cutscenes(maybe i will include a story mode)
5-experts in partical effects(for gun shots and explosions)
6-ai experts(for bots in coop mode)

if you are interested send me an email to with a demo reel(a piece of your work)

thank you for reading