UE4_Multi Material Landscape Painting

Hi everyone,

I follow this tutorial to achieve the landscape layers painting:

However, this using Texture to paint. In my case, I already have several materials set up already, so how can I use my existing materials to paint instead of painting texture?

You need to make material functions out of your pre-existing mats. Then you can make a master material and bring in those functions and use landscape layer functions and blend them together.

Hi JamesEmory,

I already have the material function but can you please explain a little bit more in depth of using which node so I can paint on the terrain? An example of nodes would help a lot.


So here is the material that base on the slope angle to determine the texture of the landscape:


This material works very well, however this method is quite limited. I want to also paint more materials where I want, for example I want to add snow by manual painting. So I set up a material:


And this is how it turned out. I dont know how to get back the material that I already set up and also to manually paint on it.


I’m still learning UE so I’m quite stuck here. Please help :D.
If anyone interested in making a landscape texture, you can take a look at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdWo_ffOr8s

Alright I can help some more.

If you don’t use World Machine (or a similar program)/can’t create splat maps, I might not be able to help you too much. However, if you can access to either of those, we’re good to go.

Requirements for this method:

  1. Splat maps (generally 3-4 of them will do it) I’ll post a picture of one if you don’t know what they are.
  2. Your material functions

If you have your landscape and those 2 things, you’re ready to start.

Step 1 - You’re going to import your mat functions and then you’re going to want to create two nodes: a landscape layer sample node and matblend simple node. As you can see in my photo, the matblend nodes allow you to plug up your material functions and then stack them on top of each other while also allowing you to plug in the sample node into the alpha.

Step 2 - The landscape sample node is going to allow you to import the splat maps as target layers. So you’re going to import the splat maps into the target layers, which will act as masks for the textures and also allow you to freely paint on the terrain if you wish.

Step 3 - Finish the network similarly to this. If you have a terrain normal map, you can import that as well and assign it to the normal map slot.

I know this was a rough explanation, but I plan on doing a tutorial series over the many different ways you can texture your terrains, so hopefully those will be better than this. Also, this is a very basic set up, so obviously you can expand on this however you like, I just wanted to help you get started with splat maps and blending.

This is what a splat map looks like