UE4 moving items by Fractions instead of whole numbers?

I have an issue where if i want to move a mesh or item it modifies the location by say 2/50 instead of just 50 units. It does this for all units. Its had made it a pain to get mazes i am building match up. Ive been trying to revert it back but have no idea how i did it. I use Mesh Tool from the marketplace and its very difficult to build meshes like this in the editor. I am sure its a simple fix, help is much apprciated!!!

For the items to move easily by grid units, they need to be aligned to the grid. If you have the grid off, or on another setting when the first mesh is placed in the level, this could be the case.

To align an object with the grid, select it and press CTRL-END.

I tried this and not a fix. Trying discord for the plugin its self maybe thats where the problem is. Deffinalty makes it impossible to build my meshes with ease

Answer: scale was not set to 1.0