UE4 Movie render ignores camera/sequence and renders random map point still camera

Dear all,

I have been beaten by myself for 2 days now.
Completely stuck at this point and it seems really silly and cant find answers.

Simply enough,
I just made a master sequence, have my camera in there, moved it around and added key frames.
When i play it from the sequencer, the cut scene play great. I want to export it as an Avi file.

When i press RENDER in the sequencer…it exports a still camera from somewhere on the map to an avi file. NOT the cutscene moving camera i made.

Please, any point of direction would be super helpful. Im doing a project for someone and it’s all finished after 4 weeks of work, and now i cant render it to a movie. Im lost.

Thanks in advance!

Go through your cut sequence and make sure to check the property for each Camera Cut. Right-click on the camera cut track area for each cut → Properties → Camera Binding ID.
For various reasons, the camera bindings can get broken or lose their links.