UE4 Monitor Black Flicker - Nvidia Drivers

Hey guys,

In case anyone has this issue, wanted to mention that the new NV drivers are the culprit, BUT the previous NV drivers are as well. You will want to download 3.99.24 NV drivers and your issue will mysteriously disappear.

You can search for those rollback drivers here: Advanced Driver Search | NVIDIA

Rock on with your bad selves.

Hello,is there any other way to fix black flicker

Yep same problem, which sucks because the one game I am playing recently crashes on the older drivers, but UE4 doesn’t work with the newer drivers. I guess no fun for me for a while.

Thanks for the heads up. =)

After new nvidia driver update ,still got this problem …

I have the same problem, any of the 3 recent nvidia drivers higher than 399, the black screen blinks infinitely. For now it only works if you go back to the 399 driver.

Same here.

even new driver update still got this problem

guess it’s 399 for us forever! =\

Finally nvidia 416.94 fix this problem without need turn on HDR

In my Win 7 + nvidia 1050Ti + ViewSonic XG3240C (2k) new driver not work. I tried 416.34 and 417.01, It’s complete failure. The monitor blinks during program startup. I brought back the version 399.24 and it work now. I’m so sad.

I can confirm that rolling back to an older driver fixes the issue. Here is a quick tutorial in case you need some help with this: