UE4 modtools

Hi all, question, i purchased (for free) the Squad editor, and the Insurgency Sandstorm editor, like 3 weeks ago, cant see them in my library, any ideeas whats wrong ? I am new here, until now worked with UE3 only. When i try downloading again message out : u owned it already lol. Pls help.

Hi. I believe you’re referring to transactions that were made on the Epic Games Store, which is separate from the UE Marketplace. I suspect that you’re looking at your Library under Unreal Engine, which will show your Vault of UE products acquired from Marketplace. The two products you mention won’t show up there.

Instead, transactions from the Epic Games Store will show up on your left nav bar as (a separate) Library in the launcher under Epic Games. I hope this helps.


Thx for your answer ! :slight_smile:

all purchased, and in my library, exept the 2 modtools, and no separate library, i know how it looks, a friend of mine showed me.

Insurgency and Squad Editor won’t show up alongside the other content you acquired from Marketplace because they’re a different type of content. You can see the Marketplace library at the top circled in red in the screenshot once you’re in the Unreal Engine section, and that sounds like what you’re looking at currently.

In the launcher, you should look for the Library I’ve circled in Blue. That will show all content you acquired through EGS, which would include Squads and Insurgency.

I hope this helps, but that’s about the extent of the troubleshooting I can offer. If you need to do further troubleshooting, I recommend that you contact the team that provides support for the Epic Games Store. You can reach them here.

Good luck!

Thx a lot for your time, as is said im new in here, just found my problem, in settings i had checked hide game library as default setting. Unticked now, there were both modtools lol. Thanks again :slight_smile: