Ue4 missing form pc

so today i turned on my pc and wanted continue on my project but ue4 was missing somehow it deleted himself and all my projects was deleted too so i redownloaded ue4 but projects i couldn’t get back.
(i didn’t delete anything or clean my pc and turned it off as usual i do it all just disappeared)

Hi ga4ooo2,

I have a few questions for you.

  • Are you using the binary version of the Engine that is installed by the Launcher?
  • Did you notice anything at all unusual when you were last using the Engine?
  • How do you normally open your projects?

-jes aim using binary version
-nothing unusual only when i was working on project for few users it started to lag a bit.
-i open launcher then pres library and double click on project

Are your projects completely missing from the Library in the Launcher, or does double-clicking on them fail to open them? When the Engine was missing, was the card for the Engine version you were using no longer present in the Library, or was it there but the Engine would not launch?

First of all even my launcher was missing at beginning i checked windows folders all was disappeared when i checked project folder they were empty. So i downloaded launcher and pressed library, projects was completely missing. There was only engine. 4.12 left what wasnt disappeared

This is quite unusual. I just want to make sure I completely understand what you were seeing, so I want to summarize the situation as I currently understand it and if you could let me know if I missed anything that would be great.

You have been using version 4.12 of the Engine, and working on some different projects (were they code projects, or pure Blueprint projects?). The last time you were working on a project everything seemed fine except for some lag in the Editor. You shut down the Editor and Launcher normally, and then shut down the computer normally. When you re-started the computer, the Launcher was no longer present, and the folders where the Engine and projects would have been located were now empty. You re-installed the Launcher, and in the Library section it showed the 4.12 Engine was still installed, but no projects were available.

Would it be possible to get the dxdiag information for your computer? Also, what anti-virus software do you use? Has the anti-virus software reported anything being quarantined/deleted recently?

  1. they were blueprint projects.
  2. that how it all happened.
  3. i use norton but it didn’t report anything
  4. what kind of information u need from dxdiag drivers, graphic card info… or all and do i put info in comment or send privately?

From discussing this issue with some other people here, it seems as though there have been a few reports of similar occurrences involving the Engine and/or projects in the past, but we have never been able to reproduce them internally or determine what caused them. One person even mentioned a recent experience where his GPU crashed while playing a game, and when he restarted the computer the game he had been playing was completely uninstalled. So it does not seem to be something specific to Unreal Engine 4, but so far it appears to both be very rare and very random.

With regards to your dxdiag information, the more you can provide the better. I don’t think there would be any hardware-related causes for this issue, but I want to try to rule that out. You can upload the dxdiag text file here or, if you prefer to provide it privately, you can send me a [private message][1] on the forums with the information.

Hi ga4ooo2,

We have not heard back from you for a while. Do you still need help with this issue? I will be marking this post as resolved for internal tracking purposes, but please feel free to add a comment and re-open the post if you need any additional assistance.