UE4 Meshes

what is the best way to create meshes and props for/in unreal engine 4?
if you can create meshes in UE4 then give me a link/tutorial for it

You cant make them within ue4. the best way is to get a 3d modeling program such as blender, maya, or 3ds max. blender is completely free. the other two cost money but are much better. you can get free trials from them. after you make your model, export as FBX. drag into content browser in ue4 and your done. look up youtube tutorials for modeling for the help you need. no matter how good you think you are, the tutorials will help. in every way.

good luck,

That’s true but what you can do in UE4 is convert Brushes into a Static Mesh, you select a brush, go to File->ExportSelected, and you can save it as .fbx file. Once you do that a “Import” window pops up automatically, and you can import into you content folder. So it is possible to create some simple props, as soon as you’d start making complicated Meshes, you’d have problems with UVs and Brushes also don’t have Smoothing Groups, so it is indeed best to use a 3D software, I use 3DS Max, Maya is a good too, UE4 has an animation plugin developed for Maya. Note that if you’re gonna do that look for where the pivot point is, I think when you export the 0,0,0 vector of the map you’re exporting from will become the pivot point for your exported Mesh.

ill go for 3d max then, thanks :wink:

Remember: if you have the free trial of max, you can’t release commercially

It’s true you’d need to buy a license , 3DS Max costs about 3500$ full license, and I think there are subscription options as well, Maya costs the same.
I think you don’t need to worry about licenses until you actually have a product to sell, and/or you are actually making/have enough money to buy the license.
Nobody can blame you for not buying something if you never had the chance.
But yeah if you’re gonna create only simple props and no overcomplicated characters with long animations then Blender is a good choice too, and free.
Good Luck!

i have a student licence (3-year subscribtion) for all autodesk programs

Awesome :slight_smile:

it is good to be an engineer :wink: