UE4 - Mayan Temple Environment

Experimenting with UE4 and trying to get the lighting right on this temple. Having a hard time trying to fix the lighting in editor so I created a paintover on the right side and wanted some critiques on it. All critique welcome and the more the better! The pic on the bottom is a unlit version of my environment with a histogram.

Hello? Anybody?

Can you post a wireframe of the mesh? I dont see any problem with the lighting. It just fills like some of the normals are too intense. Great Job!

You may want to look into adding a skylight or increasing the environment lighting in the world settings. You may want to also bump up the diffuse boost under World Settings - Lightmass as it looks like a lot of your textures are pretty dark so you may not be getting a lot of bounce lighting going on. You may also want to place some point lights with inverse squared falloff turned off around the scene to fake some of the bounce lighting in areas to really fake the bounce lighting in specific spots that your wanting to pop a little more.

Thanks for the help. I’ll update you.