UE4 Marketplace Transactions History PDF Export + More

Hi Epic Staff,
I would just like to suggest that you provide an export to PDF option under with formatting similar to that of the receipts you send to the customer’s email address upon completion of a UE4 Marketplace Purchase but with an option to generate:

  • A single receipt
  • By the month combined receipts
  • All Receipts

This would be particularly handy for general accounting & tax purposes but might also be handy for those which work under a corporate structure & who buy asset pack(s) with their account for the intended exclusive use with that company/business/studio’s project(s) than he/she wishes to be reimbursed for their purchase(s). (Personally I’d restrict purchases as much as possible to the company’s billing account but some are not that organised)

Another suggestion would be to allow the ability to join accounts together into teams/groups that would allow users apart of that team/group to make a pending purchase order on behalf of the group than depending on the team/group admin settings you could allow for a review before purchase for the account holder (money man/women) to either deny or approve of their user(s) purchase suggestion.

Bonus Suggestion: You could also setup the infrastructure needed to supply a ‘UE4 Wallet’ similar to that of Steam & allow teams/groups to provide their members with a daily/weekly/monthly ‘allowance’ to their account on the company/business/studio’s dime for purchases on the UE4 Marketplace.

What is about the emails u get after purchasing? Wouldnt it be worth to integrate the system there?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean? Are you referring to me sorting and compiling PDFs based off the emails I get after the fatc or that Epic Games should that exact system for generating email receipts and build atop of that like I suggest above?

P.S. My apologies for the late response but I was not notified of a message in this particular thread of mine…

Hi Benjamin! Just seeing this now. We’re actually experimenting right now with presenting sales history inside our upcoming seller portal (YAY!), and I’ll find out what the export options are for that. That’s a really great suggestion!

Anyway to use it in editor mode? Like export directly from editor without play/simulate?