Ue4 Marketplace assets supported platform

I’m currently working on an android project and in marketplace I was searching for assets but in many assets supported platform is windows only . Is this mean that those assets will not work in android . Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Did anyone have any idea about this !?

Please help me :frowning:

You mean that if that assets pack contains plugins then it will not work on android . Means all meshes models will work on all platforms .

Ohk I understood
Thank u :slight_smile:

Anything that is tightly bound to the platform, like special materials and plugins, will not work.

But basic models will be fine. However, if they are high poly, you will hit a performance issue just because the phone has hardly any processing power.

Best thing is get something fairly cheap first and give it a go.

If the product is just models / props / meshes then it will work on all platforms. The icon really means ‘supported’ on this platform.

Watch out with Android though, because you have significantly reduced processing power. So even basic meshes, if they’re a little on the high poly side, will run more slowly on that platform.

Anything else, like plugins and materials, probably will not work.

Will you please solve this issue also :