UE4 Mannequin Stuck T-Posing for Eternity

I tried importing a model with no rig and accidentally assigned it the UE4 Mannequin skeletal mesh, I tried to undo it but now all the characters I have that were using the UE4 Mannequin are always t-posing and I can’t seem to undo that, nothing changed in the Anim BP’s too. Would anyone know any solution that might work? Thank you.


If its a different skeleton you need to assign an AnimBp from that new skeleton. Or assign the correct skeleton, which can be done when both use the same HumanoidRig, set inside the Skeleton, RetargetManager.

I’m simply using the old skeleton but the animations and the Anim_BP attached to it stopped working completely, it’s T-Pose all the way. As you can see below, all the bones are correctly paired up.

Did you ever fix this? I’m having the exact same issue right now and no clue how to fix it