UE4 Mannequin skeleton license | which base humanoid rig to use for commercial asset production

Hey there!

What is the license of the UE4 mannequin rig?

I was thinking about venturing into asset creation and it’s not quite clear to me which rig to use for skeletal meshes.

Naturally for humanoids you’d always want to base off the mannequin to maximize compatibility with other asset packs like animations etc.

But how would that work when you want to sell these assets in other asset stores apart from the Unreal marketplace?

What other rigs are there so I could sell animations or skeletal meshes in other stores but allowing Unreal customers to use them without having to retarget etc.

If there are any answers, I would really appreciate links to sources too.

Thanks in advance and cheers!

The license is, if you release professional products on the marketplace you HAVE to be compatible with the mannequin rig.

also any rig is just a list of bone names, so there is literally no license for it.

Well compatible means structure / hierarchy wise, doesn’t it?

I’d like to, optimally, use exactly the same rig without even moving any bones.

And it’s not just the names but also their position etc., why wouldn’t there be a license on it?
I would think the rig itself is for sure is not public property…

Would be glad if it was, so ppl could use it to make new assets, they’d all be compatible with Unreal plus they could sell it elsewhere too…

But I didn’t find anything specific on this.