UE4 Mannequin raw skeleton file?

Im trying to make custom animations using the UE4 Skeleton, but exporting the mannequin from UE4 to FBX produces a nearly unusable rig that doesn’t contain bones but only helpers. Is there a raw file somewhere I can use?

When I export Mannequin from UE4 into Maya I get this:

Is that not what your getting?
What software are you importing into?

Im using 3ds Max 2016, and I get the same, but in 3ds max they dont show as bones, but as helpers that move the weighted mesh.

You can try my Biped rig I made for the Mannequin. Importing bones to Max from a foreign FBX pretty much never produces clean bones visually. I mean you can change it in stead of importing helpers, but really, they do look better because bones tend to be at weird orientations, scales, etc. Even though you can attempt to reset them using the bone tools, they never end up looking like they should. Using helpers is pretty clean at least and you can show links if you want to, which it looks like is what you’re doing in your shot. Ultimately though you need a rig to animate, in stead of manipulating bones directly, so none of that REALLY matters in the end. Your rig can be whatever you want it to be, so the “visual” bones should have no impact.

Anyway, try it out, there’s a link on this thread, first page.

Oh wow, thanks thats pretty much exacty what I was looking for!

Pardon me, but im having a similar issue, only Im trying to export it to maya. Basically what i did was use Asset action to export the mesh and skeleton to a new folder, but i recived the same result as Shirk. What was your process of doing it?

Sorry for asking on an old topic, but it would really be helpful.

When importing into 3ds Max set FBX importer “Bone Creation” from “Convert as Dummy” to “Leave as Bone”