Ue4 Mannequin Forward Vector Question

why ue4 Mannequin forward Vector is set with 90 degrees to offset? is there any reason for that?

I always force use - 90 degrees to set world rotation for Mannequin mesh in code.

I just want to know the reason for that and is it possible to fix it?

This is just the forward vector on the mesh, not the actual actor.

I know that, but control my game work this way actor rotation is steady and rotation is base on the skeletal mesh.

I just want to know there is any reason behind that? cause its simpler actor and skeletal mesh both have the same forward vector.

thanks for the replay.

I assume there is no reason, otherwise they would have corrected it.

What you could is attach an empty scene to the mesh, and use that as a reference pivot :slight_smile: