UE4 Make an Actor move to a random location

I need to have an actor (Its a 2D game) pick a random spot and move to it. It can only move left to right and up and down because youre looking at a flat plane. The actor is supposed to be flying as well (So it can move up and down)

ok so whats the question here? do you not know how to get the location or how to move the character?

the location bit is easy you just need to get a random point in range. theres several ways to do this, you could use the random point in nav radius or use a few random interger nodes.

if your querstion is about movement well thats another story. if it was 3d then id suggest a simple move to or a ai move to, coupled with a nav mesh bounds volume.

of course this is very basic ideas. the general idea here is to get a location then zero the axis your not using.

I figurred it out, I used a set actor relative location and moved it .1 in whatever direction under a tick, so its nit random but it works. Its also 2d