UE4 Logo movie for game start- What one to use?

**Greetings folks!!! :slight_smile:

I am looking for a game start UE4 logo movie!!! :smiley:

What are the options?..

…And what is in your opinion the best one??? :smiley:

…What will be best a classic or a new UE4 Movie logo??? **

Do like the “Shooter game demo” intro movie! But cant find it in the contente!? :S

Eh! NO feedback!?

**…If someone knows of any UE4 movie at all, feel free to give link on it! :slight_smile:

,I imagine that ther are meny UE movies about that can serve as a game start intro! Right? ** :S

Are you talking about an UE4 logo animation intro sequence?

…Ah! thats what it!!!

yes, yes, yes!!! :smiley:

Here are the videos :slight_smile: link

i downloaded and using this

but you can use offical one in

but best one is not released yet. (2016 gdc)

You can also get creative by making the logo object found in the starter content a physics actor, and roll it around, bounce it, break it, ect, while recording.


Thanks Folks!!! thats great!!! :smiley:

When the GDC 2016 UE4 videio logo comes out PLEASE do get a link to it!!! :smiley:

…Must see the latest! :smiley:

Movie intro!?

Any news on the UE4 DGC 2016 Logo intro movie??? :smiley:

…Where can I get it??? :smiley: