UE4 Live Link To Substance Painter Problem

Hi everyone,
Im having trouble with the livelink plugin (Which ive updated to the latest already today, the problem occured even with the previous release)

I have a spaceship mesh, when i import it into UE4 it knows there should be 7 materials applied to the 7 individual parts, when i drag it into the scene its only applying 2 of the materials it created on import, the other 5 say “World Grid Material” and UE4 crashes sometimes when i send it to substance painter. When i send to Substance it is applying world grid material to all 7 sections of the mesh.

im not sure why its happening ONLY with this mesh. It was modelled in 3ds max, sent to rizomUV and then imported to UE4. Ive done this with at least 40 other meshes and this is the only one mis behaving. What would cause this problem?

Many thanks,