UE4 + Linux + Visual Studio?

Seems silly, but wondering if this is a possibility. I have to run virtual box for windows specific dev anyway, so I’m wondering if there is a way to generate the VS project files in Linux and developing that way or if I’m just asking for trouble.

The issue here is that Visual Studio won’t run under Wine or similar software. You can generate project files in your VM and develop there, though, which is what I’m assuming you’re doing right now. KDevelop or Qt Creator is the way to go on Linux, or VIM/EMACS if you’re a person who likes hurting yourself.

I’m trying use CLion, and i don’t understand how can i use Qt Creator or KDevelop.

Can EpicGames do a full programming tutorial for Linux users?

I may take some time to put one together at some point. Could be fun :stuck_out_tongue: