UE4 Linux: This project was made with a different version of the UE

I am using UE4 both under Windows and Linux (arch 4.6.2) which I compile myself.
I am on UE4.12.3 on both sides.

When I try to open a project file in Linux that was saved under Windows, I get the following message:

This project was made with a different version of the Unreal Engine.
Opening it with this version of the editor may prevent it opening with the original editor, and may lose data. We recommend you open a copy to avoid damaging the original.

For some reason EU4 Linux believes to be on another version (which I have not identified). Conversion works fine but every time I switch OS I need to convert.

Any idea why this is happening?

I ran into the same thing, I think a project can only be compiled for one OS at a time.

If you are using version control (eg. git), it might work better to have one main repo for your project, and a clone for each OS you want to develop on if you have the space. Then you can push any changes back to the main repo and pull them to the other OS as needed.

We have the same problem over here. On our side, the ‘EngineAssociation’ property of a .uproject in a new linux project is set to an empty string when it should be the engine version.

“EngineAssociation”: “4.13”…

“EngineAssociation”: “”

If you set the EngineAssociation to the version of the build, unreal will prompt you to convert the project. If left empty everything works fine and you can still open your project.

Something is wrong with the version number used to compare or set the .uproject property.

Do you compile windows as well? From what I read, the EngineAssociation of a custom build is not set. Which may be different in the case of a build downloaded using the epic launcher.

No, the Windows version is the downloaded blob trough Epic game launcher.