Ue4 Linux not making CmakeList files


I had this problem in the past where UE4 is not making the project c++ files. Then it did for a couple of test projects, now I want to make another project and it is not creating the .kdev and cmake files.

How can I get this to work consistently?

I know there is a bug on Windows where if you try to go to File->Create Visual Studio Project, it can fail if the source directory doesn’t exist yet. Which is rather circular. I assume this happens when the project is created from a BP template and not a C++ template. Using the class wizard to add a C++ class, any class, I just call it dummy, will properly initialize everything though.

Anyway that happens on Windows, but it might explain the “sometimes works sometimes doesn’t” that you are seeing?

I was looking at this page in the documentation.

So I am guessing there is a problem with the on linux. Does anyone know how this should work, can I just re-run it and get the files (I am at work so can’t test it until later tonight)

Ok, I am 99% sure I have solved this problem.

UE4 will only build the c++ project files (CmakeList.txt and the .kev4 files) if the project is created in the users “~/Documents/Unreal Projects/” directory. If I create in another location it fails. So a simple work around is create the projects in “~/Documents/Unreal Projects/” and then move it to my prefered location.

Maybe this will help some one else someday :slight_smile: