UE4 + Linux + IDE

Hello !

First of all I want to say! D*MN it works well! I was so surprised when UE4 editor started and how well it worked, no shuttering or anything after shaders was loaded! Thanks EPIC and all community supporters who could make this possible! Love you all!

I was using UE4 previously in Windows and now I went to Linux (precisely to Ubuntu). On Windows I used Visual Studio but what I should use in Linux environment?

I know officially there is support for KDevelop in Linux.

I’m still quite new for UE4 c++ and not too experienced overall to c++ but I got quite good hang of it.
I’m doing small to medium sized project with my friend now summer time so it’s good time to learn c++ (and blueprints).

  1. But is there any others?
  2. If yes how where I can find plugin?
  3. What you use?

EDIT: hmm when I try open c++ file in UE4 it wont open it in KDevelop.

MonoDevelop is supported in Linux.

QtCreator is worth a look.

Hi there

Open the cmake file which is created by UBT for your project in kdevelop.

Thanks for advices!

Well looks like I go for KDevelop. “offically” supported so most promising.

Btw will cmake file work with MonoDevelop?

Have you tried CLion? It’s cross platform and supports linux and CMake.