UE4 licencing and simulation industry

Hello Licencing team support,

I would like to have some feedback about the UE4 licencing terms regarding the simulation and training industries (aviation, transport, driving, maritime,…)

1 - If a simulation company produces its simulators 's hardware and software (this latter partially based on the UE4 technology), does it have to pay royalties on the gross revenues generated by the whole product sales or only based on the software part ?

2 - Is a simulation company allowed to use the UE4 licence for military simulators ?

3 - Is a simulation company allowed to sell its simulators (using the UE4 technology) to customers residing in countries “blacklisted” by US laws/ foreign policies (embargo, economic restrictions,…)

Thanks in advance for your answer, best regards.

As far as i know, you will pay only for the software part, but anyway that the company earns money will count to if you have to pay or not the royalts.

About militar simulation, if it is not ilegal in your country, yes you can. (But gambling is ilegal…)

But i might be wrong and i’m curious about this too…

  1. Royalties under the EULA are based on revenue for the Product, and the Product is a product that combines the Licensed Technology with other software or content. So it doesn’t exclude a hardware combination.

  2. We don’t prohibit military simulation. There is a prohibition on military use in connection with live combat, but that’s different than simulation.

  3. I can’t comment on who a licensee is or isn’t permitted to contract with; that depends on the law of their jurisdiction.

Thanks for your answer, Canon. About my first question, could the royalties calculation be more balanced if the production costs of the software development and hardware was taken into account ? Maybe, it is something that can be negociated regarding the company ?


Thanks Albeheaon for your opinion.

You are welcome to reach out to the custom licensing team to ask about a custom license.

If the hardware and software are sold separately, they would be treated separately.