UE4 Library Tab in desperate need of some love! (VAULT)

As the title above says… It’s long overdue to get some kind of control on the Vault of the Library tab.
With all the Paragon assets / Free learning tab projects (Most of us picked these up when we were new to the engine) + everything from the marketplace it’s getting harder and harder to find stuff under “Vault”.
I understand the matter has been brought up thousands of times before but it can’t be stressed enough.

Making multiple Sub-Folders which the user can edit name on and possibly tab down (Make all content under that specific folder invisible in vault) would be VERY appreciated by any and all of the UE4 community in my belief, the current vault is just an eye-sore.
If I may push it even further being able to delete things from vault such as the EpicGame content stuff would also be of interest. (If the Tab down folder gets implemented I for one would oversee this and just put all the EpicGame content in a folder and make it invisible indefinitely)

Is it possible to get a reply from any Epic staff regarding such features?Is it being taken into Consideration? If yes, status update? If no, why not?
We want to know if you can even see/hear us.

If anyone else has different suggestions that would be beneficial to have for Vault please describe such feature!


+1 – great idea with folders. Not just for purchased stuff, but for projects as well.

+1 The current view is getting more and more confusing with every bought or free asset I’m adding. Please implement at least a text-only view, so we would have more assets on one screen.

Yes the vault in the launcher need some improvements: At least, a delete function is absolutly needed. A way to organize content would be great too

How about simply being able to FIND the vault. it’s not showing up in the library anymore