UE4 Level Designer / Artist


A small team working on an online Medieval RPG game is looking for some additional level-design support to join the team and bring the world to 3d life!

The project is in early-alpha stage with multiple development fronts. The world design has already commenced with an artistic style chosen and a completed ‘tutorial’ zone/level (semi-realistic / Witcher 3), but we want to accelerate this development and start building out the sizeable world which we’ve already mapped out. You can see some of our progress here >> BGP Development GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

About the Role:

Together with our current environment/3d artist, you will be responsible for creating the world the players adventures in. This includes (but is not limited to) designing the level layouts, sculpting the landscape, building towns, placing gameplay objects (NPCs, mineral veins, trees, forges), creating/editing simple 3D assets. Assets will consist of a mixture from the marketplace and custom-made.

You will be referencing the Game Design Document and Narrative Design Document to gain an understanding of the game and the world, before using your creative energy to bring the image and ideas to life for the player around to see and explore in a way that closely reflects / accommodates the games mechanics. You will have the full support of myself (programmer & lead), the current 3d artist an amazing narrative writer to brainstorm ideas with, bounce feedback off and augment the main story and gameplay experience for the player.

The final deliverables to work towards are completed levels stitched together using UE4 World Composition, detailed and filled with all gameplay elements (gathering nodes, crafting stations, Quest NPCs, monsters etc.) that are performant and run well on modern PCs.

You must have your own PC with minimum specs powerful enough to play the latest titles at high settings in order to view the game and effectively work with the PBR assets. An RTX or equivalent Ray-tracing graphics card would also be nice for Ray Tracing experimentation.

About the Game:

The game is a challenging oldschool online RPG with 2020 graphics, detective-style quests and risk-reward themed gameplay. It takes inspiration from legends such as Zelda, Runescape, World of Warcraft and entices players to muddle around in the sandbox-style world.

The game has a medieval ‘Game of Thrones’ theme; historical realism with hints of magic, unclear morals and dark elements (not quite horror, but morbid). It is a temperate landscape with English-based words (no Elven hard-to-pronounce words).

The game is in pre-alpha development and can be distributed/downloaded for internal testing. This link will be shared to shortlisted applicants for their perusal and feedback.

Core Skills & Requirements:

    • High-End Desktop PC to work from
    • UE4 Generic Competency (navigation, blueprints, engine etiquette, asset management)
    • UE4 Deep Understanding of Level Building Concepts (Landscaping, foliage, lighting, LODs, shader complexity)
    • UE4 World Composition
    • Experience using Perforce source control
    • Demonstrated UE4 lifecycle understanding (minimum 1 playable ‘demo’ that you’ve contributed towards)
    • Good understanding of 3D asset creation process and pipeline into UE4
    • Good 3D asset creation/editing/skinning skills (creating small custom assets, editing marketplace assets)
    • Experience playing at least 1 ‘MMORPG’ style game
    • Good written and spoken English communication skills

Nice to haves:

    • Concept art / illustration skills
    • Ray-Tracing UE4 Experience with RTX Graphics Card
    • UK Timezone for calls/sessions

Selection Process:

    • Interview 1 - Skills, experience, ways of working
    • Interview 2 - Scope, commercials, timelines
    • Contract/NDA Signed

Please send me a note on the UE4 forums introducing yourself, explaining why you would be a good fit and linking your portfolio and any links to download an example project of your work (compiled or .uproject)

Thanks for reading, looking forward to hearing from you!

I have read your explanation and I can work for you.
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Hi man I just saw your post, I PM you whit all my info

hello. it seems that i may be able to work with can contact me to discuss in more detail .
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