UE4 Level Designer and BP Developer

Hey my name is Fabian, iam 19 years old and i have 4 years experiance with ue4 now.
When you need help with wour game for example when you need a Map for your game or
when you have problems with your bp code then i can help you :slight_smile:

Here are some videos of my previous work:
Dark Forest:
My Game:
UE4 Level Design Fiverr Gig:
MeltDown Beta Gameplay:
New Level in MeltDown:
Work in Progress (Horror House)
Verry Large good optimized Maps:
Map for a Racing Game:
(Fiverr Request)
Survival Game:
Map with Raytracing:
Camera Game (Fiverr Request)
Military Camp:
Large Forest:

I am happy to work on your project :slight_smile:
you can contact me over:
Discord: Fabuman2000#1960
My YouTube Channel: NeoxDev

Heey if you are still locking for Work just Contact us via the Link.