UE4 Launcher with graphic glitch on OS X


My copy of UE4 Launcher (latest build: 2.8.3-2819560) was downloaded from Epic Games and begin to glitch from the start as shown on the screenshots below.

Problem experienced on the following config: OS X El Capitan (10.11.2) | Core2Quad @ 3GHz | 8GB RAM | GeForce GTX770 (4GB) | NVIDIA Web Driver (346.03.04f02) | CUDA Driver (7.5.22)

P.S. 2nd screenshot was taken from the 2nd try of executing the launcher.

I get the same glitches on a 980Ti with the latest NVIDIA Web Driver 346.03.05f01 on OSX 10.11.3.

Got the same issues for quite a few months now with a GTX680 on 10.11.3 and the latest NVIDIA WebDriver 346.03.05f01 and Latest CUDA drivers

Found this hoping there was an official answer. Anyone find anything helpful?

Same here with a GTX970 and Web Driver 346.02.03f01 on 10.10.5


Thank you for reaching out to the Epic support team. We have recently restructured our support system to better assist our users across Epic’s growing catalog of products.

Epic Games launcher support will now be handled by our Player Support team through an email ticketing system and active knowledge base. This support will encompass the download and installation of the launcher and the various Epic Games products hosted on the launcher (UE, UT, Shadow Complex, Fortnite, and Paragon). The launcher support team will also handle connection issues related to these products. The launcher support site can be accessed here (http://help.epicgames.com/).

Traditionally, Unreal Engine support has been handled through AnswerHub, and this particular process will not change. Users of the Unreal Engine may continue to post questions and issues as normal and interact with the engine support team. Any questions or issues that arise prior to the successful installation of the Unreal Engine should be directed at the website above and the launcher support team.

Those seeking assistance with the other individual products may do so through the following pages:

Unreal Tournament - http://help.unrealtournament.com/

Shadow Complex - http://shadowcomplexhelp.epicgames.com/

Fortnite - Coming soon

Paragon - http://paragonhelp.epicgames.com/

Same here with my Macpro

I still had the issue with my EVGA GTX 680 last week but I recently changed for a gtx 980 ti and I do not have any glitch anymore on the epic game launcher.
I had sometimes glitches within blender when using GPU rendering, and sometimes with Da Vinci Resolve too.

GTX 980 Ti is working like charm with all these apps.