UE4 Launcher not show the created projects while is open

If create a project with the launcher open, and you like “Add to project” some type of content from vault, in the project list don’t show the created projects created while the launcher is open.
Need to add a refresh of project at click the button.

Thanks for calling this out. I started a thread internally about balancing new feature development with making sure we take care of usability issues like the one you outline and used this thread as an example.

This would be nice, I have just gotten into the habit of closing & re-opening the launcher after adding anything. It should just refresh after the addition of any new content is created or added. (some it does already)

But as UE moves on to 4.7 and beyond, I am glad to see this post about balancing out development and branching out into these areas.
It has turned into almost a major concern for myself & some others of the community, things such as stability, usability, and ease of deployment.

Don’t get me wrong I love all the new features & they are and should be the center core of Unreal Engine, driving it on into the future.

But at the same time, dealing with things such as Windows Setup (graphics, display, etc.) to deploy one’s game is a whole other field that can hinder, slow down, or even completely stop a game from being published.
This can & should extend even to avenues or markets the game could be released to. Any of these things would help Indies Developers get their UE4 games out there and into the real world.
(for example: ease of deployment by a good install program (there’s even decent open-source one’s out there that could be utilized) ease of setup (setting up game graphics, scalability for end-users) and even deployment options, such as Steam and mobile marketplaces)
(I know a lot has been done in these areas but the better a UE user understands or the easier these things are to do then concentrating on the game creation process becomes a pleasure instead of a chore and not such a source of frustration)
(I know Epic/UE has published and helped publish so many AAA titles, that these things are achievable)

Making games is or can be hard enough to accomplish without worrying about what to do with the games after you create them.
I think ya’ll are headed in the right direction with this, although you’re not going wrong at the moment either. :slight_smile:

I really like using BluePrints and they are almost the new love of my life. I would like to see the strong commitment I’ve seen recently to expose the engine’s strengths to BPs continue. The more we ‘can’ do the more we ‘will’ do, in BPs. (from the ease of use for new users or for quick prototypes, to having simpler examples one could use and just click or drag into their projects, to having advanced methods that go beyond, BPs is the answer)

omg… sorry, ya’ll got me all hyped up again :rolleyes:
btw → keep up the good work guys n gals!

Thanks for the feedback!

Completely agree that getting a game published is more than just getting it to work on your local machine :slight_smile:

We have a passionate team dedicated to Blueprints - that is not going to change :slight_smile: